Sunday, August 6, 2017

Behind the Scenes Sundays with Sabrina

🌸🌸Behind the Scenes with Sabrina🌸🌸

         First off HI , I'm Sabrina Merks, resident of Dutton and I'll be attending St. Lawrence College for musical theatre performance in the fall. You may have seen me in the Elgin County area wearing many hats, such as volunteer at The West Elgin Dramatic Society or have seen me as one of the cashiers at Dutton Foodland, or even possibly as current reining Miss Elgin County Globe. I spent my past year at Sheridan College in the performing arts program and I'm excited to be Assistant Museum Manager for the summer.

          With last weekend being our US Civil war re-enactment things have slowed down a lot.  All of my jobs around work are task based, so this week my main task has been to finish labeling our artifacts with the proper Nomenclature. Now you maybe asking nomenclature? what?... Nomenclature is system for classifying man-made objects, originally published in 1978. The Chenhall system is the standard cataloging tool for thousands of museums and historical organizations across the United States and Canada. So for example is I was to receive a Candlestick, its category would be Furnishings its classification would be Lighting Devices and its sub-classification would be Lighting Holders. This job may seem simple but its very time consuming and mentally draining. It can also become quite difficult at times as well. The other day I was trying to find the nomenclature for Shoe-form. I looked under F for form, couldn't find anything. Looked under S for shoe, couldn't find anything. So I went to google and typed in alternate names for Shoe-form, which is Shoetree and then I went and looked under S for shoe again and was able to find it eventually. In the museum world we classify objects so its easier for us to find them later or other museums could ask to borrow or use. 

        Other things we did this week were freak out about the weather. On Friday we were prepared for rain. So every so often we would check the weather network just to make sure. We then noticed it said sever thunderstorm warning with possible chances of isolated tornados, and we all started to freak out and started getting prepared for the worst. We turned off the A/C and opened our windows, and looked to the sky. Most tornados travel  from southwest to northeast, or west to east. So we knew at least which direction to watch out from although tornados can come form every direction we felt safer knowing that information.  At one point the wind picked up and we went just outside the office to see if anything was happening, and all we heard were the waves crashing on the shore which was pretty scary. We then grabbed all of the flashlights and were prepared in case of an emergency. Fortunately nothing bad happened and we just had a little rain.

Here the warning signs of a Tornado:
  1. A Rotating, funnel shaped cloud extending from a thunderstorm towards the ground.
  2. A dark, sometimes green, sky
  3. An approaching cloud of debris
  4. A loud roar (similar to a freight train)
  5. A strange calm after a thunderstorm
  6. Debris falling from the sky

As I've talked about before in my blogs, never go over the fence at the lookout its for your safety. if this video doesn't scare you into not going behind the fence I don't know what will. Check out the link below to find out more!

That concludes my blog guys! Tune in next week for another update!
Sabrina Merks

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