Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday Sightings – Wait is that a SNAKE!!!

Saturday Sightings – Wait is that a SNAKE!!!
What’s up Canada!  You know who it is!  It’s me again, Ben the MNR guy at Backus Page House Museum.  I’m here to give you your weekly Saturday Sightings.  If you are like me and cannot stand the sight of snakes then… don’t look at the picture at the bottom of the page.

Throughout my years of working here at Backus Page House Museum I have never seen a snake here at the park.  Believe it or not I have not seen a wild snake on park property.  Well that ended when one of our weed and wine volunteers found a HUGE ALIVE snake in the grass.  This snake was about three feet long said one of our volunteers.  This snake was massive.

July 29th and 30th we here at Backus Page House had an American Civil War Reenactment.  It was an awesome weekend full of history, knowledge, and fun.  Thanks a lot to the people who helped run, performed, and were a part of the Reenactment.

That is your weekly Saturday Sightings with Ben the MNR guy.  Hope to see you soon and remember to stay cool.

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