Sunday, September 3, 2017

Behind the Scenes Sunday with Sabrina

🌻🐝Behind the Scenes Sunday with Sabrina🐝🌻

                    First off HI , I'm Sabrina Merks, resident of Dutton and I'll be attending St. Lawrence College for musical theatre performance in the fall. You may have seen me in the Elgin County area wearing many hats, such as volunteer at The West Elgin Dramatic Society or have seen me as one of the cashiers at Dutton Foodland, or even possibly as current reining Miss Elgin County Globe. I'm excited that I spent my summer at the Museum as Assistant Manager. Unfortunately though this will be my last behind the scenes blog post. 

                      Tuesday was a pretty quiet day I finished the NOMENCLATURE !!!! 🎉🎉(Happy Dance)!! So now im completing a few other tasks that have to be completed, like change the numbers on some accession items. In 2015, some of our items got wrongly numbered so I went on a hunt to find them and change the numbers luckily all  had to do was change a 1 into a 7 so it wasn't a huge ordeal, but I spent a good hour attempting to find every artifact.

                The rest of the week was quite quiet, we gave a lot of tours and enjoyed our last days at the museum as we came to an end. On Wednesday I had the joy of photographing my parents at the museum and here is a sneak peek of some of them. 

                  We also on Thursday had our last lunch together as a squad, we all ate Tall Tales for lunch and had cake and reminisced about our summer here. Overall we had  a wonderful week, as we all say our goodbyes, little tears form but thats alright because im sure you wont see the last of me here.

Goodbye only for now 
Sabrina Merks

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