Saturday, September 2, 2017

Saturday Sightings – Goodbye and Species at Risk

Saturday Sightings – Goodbye and Spices at Risk
          What’s up Canada!  You know who it is!  It’s me again, Ben the MNR guy at Backus Page House Museum.  I’m here to give you your last weekly Saturday Sightings.  Wait a second… our LAST Saturday Sightings with Ben the MNR guy! 

What will we do?  How will we get our weekly info on Backus Page House?  How will I find the will to move on without my Saturday Sightings with Ben the MNR guy?  If you are thinking this right now trust me it’s going to be okay.  Just take a few breaths, do it with me now in (breath) and out (breath).  One more time in (breath) and out (breath).  Do you feel better?  Awesome! 

This will be your last Saturday Sighting from me Ben the MNR.  If you have any questions please give us a call at Backus-Page House Museum.  Make sure you come to our farm show on September 9th – 10th.  Let’s get on with the Saturday Sightings.

          My co-worker Sabrina had spotted a Red Headed Woodpecker that has been in the park area.  We always hear it pecking away at and on wood.  This animal is under the spices at risk category; do to it losing its habitats.

          We had our final day camp on Wednesday with our day campers.  Hope you kids have a good school year.  Remember to have fun.

          This is it, thank you all for dealing with these pretty interesting blog posts for the past couple of months.  If you are just starting to follow my blog posts now, Hi and Bye.  Maybe you guys will see me next year.  Just always remember to stay cool.

That is your last weekly Saturday Sightings with Ben the MNR guy.  Hope to see you soon and remember to stay cool.

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